April 9th, 2008 - University of Central Florida
Central Florida Summit on Global Climate Change

Alaina Bernard

Assistant Director, UCF Environmental Initiative

Alaina BernardWhile working on her Bachelors Degree at Southeastern Louisiana State University, Alaina Bernard furthered her passion for environmental conservation by working at the Northlake Nature Center as a program coordinator. After moving to Florida she began to pursue a Graduate Degree in Biology at UCF with her thesis focusing on metapopulation connectivity and the importance of corridor networks in ecological systems. As a grad student, she was tasked with creating a prescribed fire program for the campus and after completing both the degree and the fire program, she was offered a full time position as the Land Manager for the UCF Environmental Initiative. Her hard work and dedication to our organization promoted her to the Assistant Director. She currently focuses on an array of endeavors including reducing campus emissions through alternative transportation, green roofs, sustainable land management, partnerships, student involvement, and community service.


Willam Powers William Powers
Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute
International author
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Daniel Marien
American politics and political philosophy Professor,
University of Central Florida
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Margaret Lo
Special Projects Manager
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Kevin Sherin Kevin Sherin
Orange County health department
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Alaina Bernard Alaina Bernard
Assistant Director,
UCF Environmental Initiative
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